Why Cause for Hope –
One Life at a Time


  • Best Results for Lowest Expense – Dollar for dollar the most effective and efficient organization in building lasting self-reliance and generational temporal change.
  • Focus on Strengthening Families First – Financial hardships cause weakness and separation in the home.  The principles taught allow families to unify and work together for success, making a temporal as well as emotional impact.
  • Measured Success – We are results driven and carefully measure the success and efforts of each client.
  • Proven Results – CFH – OLAAT has proven track record of success by lifting thousands of families from poverty.
  • Variety of Tools – CFH – OLAAT uses programs to provide assistance based on a client’s unique abilities, skills, interests, and circumstances:
    • Vocational training
    • Job placement
    • Skill enhancement
    • Educational training


  • Integration with Local Opportunity – We introduce and integrate clients with local community leaders, businesses, churches, schools, resource centers, and financial institutions for career building opportunities.
  • Business Principles and Proven Practices – Clients are taught true and tested principles of self-reliance combined with measured expectations of hard work to achieve results.
  • Sustained Direction and support – Mentoring is a key component of our success. Direction is given by local mentors and assistants until desired goals are met.