Values & Beliefs

Self-Reliance: We believe that, whenever possible, heads of families should demonstrate the ability, commitment, and effort to provide the spiritual and temporal necessities of life for themselves and family.

Education: We believe that education is one of the most powerful tools to change lives and propel individuals and families to self-reliance.

Mentorship: We believe that success in any endeavor is enhanced when one draws upon the knowledge, experience, and encouragement of another person.

Dignity: We believe that dignity and self-respect are achieved in ones life when he/she is able to make positive personal choices which impact his/her temporal and spiritual welfare.

Work: We believe that an investment of time, energy, and mental effort into setting and achieving any worthwhile goal or objective brings value and the achievement of positive results.

Change: We believe that a single mindset, opportunity, or decision followed by sustained effort can alter the course of a human life and generations to come.

Excellence: We believe that excellence is won by training and is achieved by developing the habit of acting rightly.

Accountability: We believe that we are accountable to donors who have believed in and committed resources to our cause— and that students are likewise accountable for each opportunity to enhance or change the course of life for themselves and their posterity.

Service: We believe that unselfish service expands, enlivens, and blesses both the servant and those served—and must be the bedrock of the process to enhance and change lives.

Love: We believe that charity is the pure love of Christ and is the appropriate fundamental motive for all service to others.

Collaboration: We believe that through cooperative and consecrated effort— we can combine our time, talents, and resources to create outcomes which can change or enhance millions of lives.

Results: We believe that positive results will come using standards of success to analyze, re-think, and strive for improvement.

Each month (at the Learning-Mentoring Centers, Mentor Offices, and the General Administration levels) we will focus on one of the stated values, rotating through the twelve over one year. During that month, we will contemplate what that value ‘in action’ looks like. We will discuss and define the meaning of the value. Together, we will determine how we can demonstrate the value through our actions. We will set goals in the ‘value’ being focused on, to insure that our actions are congruent with our personal and collective definition. In essence, we will seek to ‘act’ in accordance to our ‘values’.