Luke Sorenson

Chairman of the Board

“Cause for Hope – One Life at a Time and their focus on families and sustainable self-reliance through their unique mentoring model is truly impressive. Their quantifiable results are also extremely impressive. It has been a privilege for me to be associated with them. I support their efforts and I certainly support their cause. I believe they are making a significant impact in the lives of families today, and in generations tomorrow.”

Tony Allen

Secretary to the Executive Committee

Blaine Stratton

“I have been privileged to see for many years the success of Cause for Hope – One Life at a Time up close and personal. Whether I’m in Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico or Peru, families lives without a doubt are being transformed. The team of in-field local mentors deeply care for the families they work with, and are committed to the success of each one. Self-reliance can be a reality where before it was considered an impossibility. Cause for Hope- One Life at a Time makes a difference and is makes it happen hand in hand with the people they serve.”

Brody Holbrook

“I am involved with Cause for Hope – One Life at a Time because I believe that one of the greatest needs in the world is for individuals and families to receive opportunities for education and to learn and practice principles of self-reliance. In doing so, lives are changed as cycles of poverty are broken and replaced with self-reliance practices and new opportunities that are passed down to rising generations. I have been to Central America and have met with both participants and administrators there. I have seen first-hand the unique and powerful way in which we are blessing and changing lives by providing such opportunities for these wonderful people. I would like to see thousands, even millions more experience the same.”

Bruce Hough

“After serving as a missionary in Central America more than 40 years ago, I always wanted to return and serve the people of that area again in my later life. There are many wonderful organizations working to improve the lives of people in disadvantaged areas of the world. I support some of these myself, such as bringing fresh water to remote villages. These programs can clearly improve the lives of many people, but most do not fundamentally change lives. ‘Cause for Hope – One Life at a Time’ changes the life of individuals through education and mentoring. Helping an individual from earning a subsistence living of $3 per day to $3 per hour completely changes a persons future by breaking the cycle of poverty and it changes the life of their family forever!”


Elder Gary J.Coleman

“Cause for Hope – One Life at a Time is the best resource the people of Latin America have to learn the skills and acquire the tools they need to break the chains of poverty and bring about lasting change. Their focus on self reliance makes all the difference”

Steve Lund

“My introduction to Cause for Hope – One Life at a Time was a trip to Nicaragua, where I met over a dozen people. They all had the same story, Before Cause for Hope – One Life at a Time, they were struggling to feed their families and sending their children out on the streets in the morning with perhaps one meal a day. After Cause for Hope – One Life at a Time, their kids are eating every day, they are dressed, they’re going to school. Their future is bright and hopeful.” 

Kip Wadsworth

“Having the opportunity to serve with the great people at Cause for Hope – One life at a Time in assisting those who haven’t been as blessed as some, is truly a blessing for me.  Being able to give back to my fellow man is very rewarding endeavor.” 

Elder Merrill J. Bateman

“Cause for Hope and One Life At A Time have now merged. Together, the new organization will teach young people in the emerging countries the principles of self-reliance but also the education needed to succeed temporally and spiritually. Separately, the two have changed lives, together they will produce miracles.”

Natalee Champlin

” I love this organization because it makes it possible for each of us to make our experience in this life deeper and rich with gratitude and thanksgiving. This work brings hope to those who may not have any other change for an opportunity to change their life. I am a happier for intentionally bringing service and generosity into my life.”